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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Goodger Design Associates Abbey Green Competition Entry

Our entry to the Abbey Green Competition in Barking was published in the 8 October 2009 edition of the Architects Journal with a super sketch drawing completed by one of our landscape architects Hannah Leonard. IT can be viewed using the following link:

Scroll down for our entry

Thanks Toby

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FunSongs said...

Looks good. Though I'm not sure about the rather personal details you reveal on the first page. I think you need to decide exactly who the readers of your blog are going to be, future clients, or friends and family? If you intend it for the former any reference to engagements, brothers etc. is totally irrelevant and can smack of unprofessionalism; if it's for the latter that's fine:) By the way I spotted a a missprint "be" instead of "ne". Final comment -keeping a blog updated is hard work - the internet is littered with "dead" blogs so be disciclined and post regularly if you want to be effective! x J